We hope your project in the next call

Incubating Health extends an exclusive invitation to health related projects in the search of those with the highest potential to introduce groundbreaking innovations in the health sector.

Selected projects will enter into a training program in order to guide the entrepreneurial team through an organized innovation process which includes the identification and validation of opportunities, the development of concepts (with a suitable analysis of intellectual property matters, business models, regulation matters, refund system, etc.) and the implementation of the invention developing IP and R&D strategies, business and commercialization strategies and the right operational plan.

Up to 10 projects are selected each year and at the end of the process you will have the chance to receive an investment of up to USD 250K.

Furthermore, we offer you a variety of services in kind and provide you with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who will assess you in all you need for the development of your project.


Our project selection criteria have to do with: technical viability, market size, team, regulation matters, the innovation and impact degree, business model, and intellectual property among other aspects.


For further information regarding the invitation, please read the following Terms and Conditions.