How do I participate in the Incubating Health program?

Once the invitation is extended you should apply through the Incubating Health web site.

What kind of projects may be submitted to Incubating Health?

We support projects:

  • That are technically and financially viable.
  • That may be protected by intellectual property regulations.
  • That have a clear and scalable business model.
  • That are aimed at large markets or of rapid growth.
  • With teams whose members complement each other and with technical skills.


    What is the program about?

    The program seeks to provide assistance mainly to accompany entrepreneurs in the strategic, commercial and operative development of their ventures.

    What else does Incubating Health offer besides the program?

    We offer you a common work space with internet, offices, meeting rooms, laboratories, scientific library, etc.

    Is there a risk of losing my intellectual property rights with regards my idea or project?

    No. We are a group of committed professionals passionate for inviting entrepreneurs to be the owners of their projects and be responsible for leading them. Furthermore, we provide the necessary assistance for the registration of your trademark or patent.

    Is it necessary to have a registered business entity to submit an idea or project?

    No. If you are selected, Incubating Health will provide you with the necessary assessment for you to create the most suitable type of business entity.

    Are there any nationality requirements to participate in Incubating Health?

    No. Although Incubating Health is dedicated to identifying opportunities in Argentina, there are no nationality restrictions to participate.

    Should I move to Buenos Aires if I am selected?

    It is not necessary to live in Buenos Aires. However, we recommend it in order to make the most of the program.

    Is there any age requirement to take part in Incubating Health?

    You must be 18 or older and meet all the entry requirements.

    Are projects to be submitted by groups or individuals?

    The idea-project may be submitted individually or by teams, but it is important to take into account that Incubating Health supports ideas or projects arising from multidisciplinary teams.

    In what stage can my project be?

    Projects may be at any of their development stages. Startups at an initial stage are seldom selected.

    What are the aspects evaluated during project submission?

    Projects are evaluated by a board of experts which will analyze the impact on health, the innovation degree, market, technical viability, business model and the team, among other aspects.

    Will Incubating Health finance my project?

    Selected entrepreneurs who will participate in this incubation program will be taken into consideration to take part in the program “Aceleradoras Buenos Aires Emprende” (BA Venture Accelerators), organized by the Organization of Entrepreneurs, Creative Economy Undersecretary, Ministry of Economy of the City of Buenos Aires. In 2015, Incubating Health won the competition “Aceleradoras BA Emprende” (BA Venture Accelerators), which is a seed capital program of the City of Buenos Aires that finances entrepreneurs with a high impact through co-investment policies with accelerators. Therefore, Incubating Health has a budget of 8 million Argentine pesos (ARS $8,000,000.-) to co-finance local ventures of high impact. Participation in the program does not guarantee access to financing by the program BA Emprende (BA Ventures).

    Is any payment required to enter into the incubation process or during the process?

    No. The Incubation program is free of charge for the entrepreneurial team.

    Why should I develop my project with "Incubating Health"?

    Because we will give you all the tools and networking contacts necessary for your project to have the highest chances for success.