Incubating Health
undertakes to carry out a confidentiality policy in order to protect the privacy of the personal information obtained through its web site.

These confidentiality and privacy rules protect any personal information voluntarily entered into our network by users during their application for invitations, newsletter subscriptions, etc. Due to the fact that no internet exchange of information can be entirely secured, Incubating Health cannot guarantee the security of the information entered into its web site and therefore users assume said risk which they declare to know and accept. Incubating Health shall not be liable and therefore shall not be subject to claims for any damages, viruses that may infect your computer or other devices due to access to this website or use thereof, for data, materials, texts, images, videos or sounds transferred from this web site to your CPU, modem or hard drive. Incubating Health shall not be liable for the content in any other web site in connection with our website. You shall be liable for the connection with any other information network.

Users of services rendered by Incubating Health are presumed to have read, understood and accepted the terms mentioned above. Should a user not agree with the terms mentioned above, said user should not enter any personal information nor use the services because he lacks authorization to do so.

The Confidentiality rules hereby mentioned may be modified in the future and therefore we suggest their constant revision.

These Confidentiality Rules constitute a legal agreement by and between users and Incubating Health and shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Argentine laws.