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Technologies Applied: The Transformation of Medicine

The Ministry of Economic Development, and Production of the City, through the Directorate General of Science and Technology, presents a new edition of the cycle Technologies Applied. This gathering is free for students and graduates of careers related to medicine and health, where it will address topics related to artificial intelligence, biostimulation and data analytics. In this sense, the talk will be led by leading industry benchmarks: Dr. Mauricio Pharez, Dr. Eduardo Teragni and Dr. Mariano Noel Benzadon.



✔ Dr. Mauricio Pharez, doctor, neurologist, master's degree in Public Health from Harvard University and co - founder and CEO of Entelai, will present the contributions of the artificial intelligence in medicine precision.
✔ Dr. Eduardo Teragni, director of the University Center for Bio Medical Simulation Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires, a member of the American College of Physicians and the Medical Association of Argentina, will be discussed based learning and simulation technology as an ally of cognition.
✔ Dr. Mariano Noel Benzadon, cardiologist, specialist in intensive therapy and head of the department of Innovation at the Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos Aires, explain the measurement of digital indicators in cardiovascular health and what is the importance of this key tool.

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Jun 30 2022




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